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MyTan Natural Tanning Pills

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A favourite of most MyTan fans is our Ultimate Tanning Pack, containing both MyTan Bronze and MyTan Boost at a special price!

Get all the benefits of both products for your tan!

Customer letter: "I came across MyTan products through a friend and although I was skeptical at first I said I'd give them a go. I have extremely pale and freckly skin and despite all my efforts I have never been able to tan naturally in the sun. It seemed my skin only had two tones: pale white or cherry red. After years of using fake tan I needed some other way to achieve a bronzed look. I started taking both MyTan Bronze and MyTan Boost before I went on holidays to Spain. For the first time in my life, I got tan lines as soon as I went on holidays. I didn't burn and my colour was even. I was only in Spain for a week so I still didn't get as much as a tan as my sallow skinned friends but I think with more sun time my tan would have gotten darker as time went on. Nearly two months after I came back from holidays I was still showing off my tan lines. Next year again I will most definitely be using MyTan tanning pills again and hopefully get more tanning time in Ireland!"* -Aoife H, Waterford.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Been using both sets of pills a week now. I'm a sunbed user and would normally use tanning creams. With a busy lifestyle i was looking for something to keep my tan longer. These are the best!!! Already in 1 week my tan looks much more deeper already and to put to the test. Used the sunbed with no creams and got a better colour than ever before. Would buy again."*

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