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Beta carotene is a carotenoid, widely distributed in fruits and vegetables forming part of their natural yellow and red pigments. MyTan Bronze tanning pills contain 100% naturally occurring carotenoids.

When consumed in adequate amounts carotenoids such as natural beta carotene found in MyTan Bronze can be stored in the skin, imparting a golden bronze hue!

Beta carotene is also an antioxidant and a natural precursor to vitamin A, converting into vitamin A as the body requires. When converted to vitamin A, beta carotene contributes to:

  • maintenance of normal skin
  • maintenance of normal vision
  • normal function of the immune system

MyTan Bronze is suitable for before, during and after sun exposure or during winter without sun exposure.

Positive feedback rating"I'm very happy with my bronze tanning pills, I could definitely see a healthy glow after 2 weeks. We then had a few days of sunshine & I can definitely see a golden tan after sitting outside for a couple of days."*

Positive feedback rating "I was sceptical but thought I would give them a go and so glad I did. I did exactly what it said to take 3 for two weeks before your holiday and then continued with them.I had 4 sunbeds before and then on holiday used factor 20 I just got an even lovely deep golden tan darker than I have ever been before and it also lasted when I got back 3 weeks more really impressed cant say enough about them."*

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